How would you show up for your biz if you had crystal clarity around what makes your energy and POV unique, and absolute conviction that people adore everything you share and can’t wait to give you their money?

Let’s find out!

Your soul-led business is kicking your ass.

You didn’t expect it to just be a walk in the park, but you also didn’t realize you’d be confronted with the constant rollercoaster of emotions that comes with being the face of your business.

You followed your heart and created a business out of your passion/s.

You put yourself out there, bursts of shining your light brightly, sometimes followed by periods of burnout and withdrawal.

You devoured all the marketing you could get your hands on, downloaded every freebie, participated in every challenge, and maybe even went through a few biz coaching programs.

And it’s gotten you some results.

Amazing job!

Aaand… you are also frequently getting stuck on thoughts like:

“I didn’t say that right.”

“They’re explaining it better than I do.”

“I don’t want to be salesy!!!”

“Oh no… I can’t say that... Can I??”

“Why did I wait? I should have put this out already, and now it’s too late.”

“I will never be able to do this in the way it needs to be done.”

“Now I’m too bogged down in self-doubt, beating myself up and competition mindset. AGH.”

“This shows too much of my fat thighs… I need to lose weight.”

“I’m not even walking my talk. Who would want to work with me?”

“This isn’t working. I should just give up.”

“Why can’t I do this?”

“What’s wrong with me??”

Somewhere along the line, you realized this thing will require you to put yourself out there.

Like, your real real self.

Not just the bits you think are more acceptable, lovable and ‘credible’ as an authority.

It requires pushing your edges.

This is where you’re feeling stuck, knowing what you feel called to do but unsure and scared of how to navigate it without losing the progress you have made or burning it all to the ground.

Is this you?

✨ You are a woman entrepreneur who is deeply sensitive and feels a lot.

✨You have lots of interests and ideas, and resent having to stick to just one or two things.

✨ You have done tons of personal development, and desire to share your gifts and what you’ve learned.

✨ You’ve invested in business coaching, and it’s been great, but you feel like you’ve hit an invisible wall you can’t break through

✨ Somewhere inside of you, you know that your brand is YOU, but you’re not sure what that actually means, how to implement it, and part of you has serious questions about whether it will ‘work’ or if you’ll lose your audience.

✨ Sometimes you feel like you sound a bit blah and like everyone else, stuck using language that you think your potential clients will understand, and only sharing the positive uplifting moments for fear that anything else will lower your credibility.

✨Sometimes you feel stuck and don’t know what to post. Especially when you’re going through a lot in your personal life and feel disconnected from your business.

✨While you’ve had some clients and are maybe even making consistent income, you’re nowhere near where you want to be.

✨You feel like you have a hard time building consistency in your biz because you have periods where you’re super active and then you burn out. Or you get swept up in your feelings and/or self-doubt and forget to post or feel like you have nothing to share.

✨At the same time, you know your mess is your message.

✨But you are unsure how to present it, or still have some subconscious beliefs that no one will buy from you if you really let them see you sometimes have a hard time walking your own talk.

✨You care deeply about creating a life that truly works for you and your loved ones.

✨You are an activist at heart. You want to shift the dominant patriarchal capitalistic racist top-down perfectionist diet culture crap for the better.

I want you to know that having doubts, fears, uncertainty, and feeling like an impostor, is par for the solopreneurship course.

You are not destined to fail.

What you need is to grow your emotional intelligence and nervous system regulation skills to move through your fears, and harness your courage so you can let yourself be seen in all your beautiful rawness that magnetizes your clients to you.

Because what they want and need is your energy.

Including all the stuff you think you need to hide or else they won’t like you or buy from you.

Even beyond whatever the business and marketing coaches are saying:

That you need to have a clear niche.

That every post should have a CTA.

That you need to explain things as if you’re talking to a 5-year-old.

That you need to do 10 reels a week.

That you should pick just 3 things your account should be about or else people will be confused.

That you should ‘share from the scar, not the wound.’

That you need to sell from a high-vibe.

It’s not that this guidance is always wrong, but that you have been covering your magnetic essence with the pile of things you think you are ‘supposed to do’ to attract clients.

Your soulmate clients can’t see YOU.

Let me put it to you this way: would you make a delicious dish and then cover it in so much sauce that you can’t taste what’s underneath anymore?

The sauce certainly enhances the flavors, but it’s the condiment, not the star of the dish.

Same, same with strategy.

You get what I’m saying?

Let’s go deeper: Why?

What is the real reason you’ve been hiding behind your marketing strategy?

What are the conscious and subconscious beliefs you’re holding that are keeping you from beaming your true unapologetic expression?

What are the ways you have been conditioned to show up as a leader which are getting in the way of you leading in your own unique personal way?

This 6-month high-touch intimate program (8 people max per pod!) is designed to dig deep and uproot these subconscious beliefs, and develop the courage and nervous system capacity to embody and express your personal style of leadership, which will get you raving fans and soul-aligned clients.

Learn to hold yourself masterfully, no matter where you are on your entrepreneurship journey.

✨ The ups and the downs, the impulse to share yourself, and also the fear that comes up at the thought of actually doing it.

✨ The wondering what to share, what not to share, and when and where to share.

✨ The fear of getting crickets, that you’re not being clear enough, what people may think of you, or alienating your current audience

✨ The never-ending second-guessing yourself or your next steps

✨ The impostor syndrome and vulnerability hangovers

✨ The impatience of ‘Why isn’t it working yet???”

✨ The moments when you are emotionally spent, want to give up or are on the verge of burning out

✨ The body image slut shamey crap you wish wasn’t a thing for you anymore but is still getting in the way of you showing your face

✨ The not knowing what to do next to get more clients


the thoughts I wrote at the beginning are mine.

They come to me often in the morning.

My mind attempting to keep me safe when I wake up.

Save me from flopping.

Spare me the excruciating pain of putting something out there that means so much to me, something that is a direct expression of who I am, and then have it be rejected.

Have it be unwanted.

Fucking terrifying, y’all!

I feel you, and I know the struggle


I spent over 10 years growing my biz, then burning out, then growing it again, and so on because I could not manage the emotions that came with putting myself out there.

I made myself wrong for not having the 10k months as quickly as everyone else seemed to be having them.

I believed my mind when it told me I wasn’t a good enough coach, and I was never going to make it.

I devoured all the marketing articles, videos, and courses and tried every single strategy that was supposed to work.

I believed coaches when they told me I shouldn’t share aspects that are core parts of myself because they would lose me credibility.

And it wasn’t until I realized I needed to apply the same approach I taught my self-love and body confidence clients to my relationship with my business that things started to shift.

I learned how to stop the self-critical thoughts, insecurities, and anxiety from having an impact on my day to day.

I stopped giving a shit what everyone else said, everyone else’s standards, and focused on me.

I decided to go all in on doing it my way, at a pace that doesn’t blow my fuse every 4 months.

I mastered embracing myself in the thoughts and feelings that came up without making myself wrong, but also not letting them run my life.

I started taking care of my nervous system every step of the way, learning to soothe and celebrate myself through the downs and ups of entrepreneurial life.

Step by step, I developed the rock solid unwavering feeling that I can and will do this thing the way that feels right to me regardless of how many times the self-doubt shows up in my mind.

And you know what?

Whereas the anxiety and self-doubt used to cripple me for days, it is now something that I notice like a cloud in the sky… I’m aware of it, but it doesn’t touch my conviction in myself or what I’m doing.

This is why I absolutely know that the trick isn’t to get rid of self-doubt, fears and shame.

Your business doesn’t grow when you stop having these feelings; it grows when you know how to make them work for you and don’t let them stop you.

I know there’s more important things to you than avoiding feeling disappointed or rejected.

Freedom. Self-expression. Living life on your own terms. Sharing your natural gifts and getting paid well for it. Revolutionizing leadership, hustling culture, and creating an economy that works for everyone and doesn’t kill the planet.

Throughout this program, you will meet weekly with your mastermind sisters to...

✨Get personalized live coaching from me to support you in whichever part of the journey you’re at so you can spend less time stuck and more time moving your life and biz forward

✨Practice showing up as the authentic you you are, not the authentic you you think you should be, so you can attract your most ideal clients who want to read everything you share and love to pay you for your services

✨Catch your ‘survival’ thoughts and know how to take action while lovingly holding yourself. No more need to choose between tending to your feelings or taking action; you can do both!

✨Uncover the disempowering beliefs you have been holding about leadership, credibility, and how you think you should show up as a leader

✨Learn how to sell from your fears, shame and self-doubt so you will never be stopped by impostor syndrome, compare and despair, and vulnerability hangovers again

✨Understand your nervous system, learn how to self-regulate and manage your emotional wellness so you can take exquisite care of yourself and prevent cycles of burnout as you surf the emotional highs and lows of entrepreneurship

✨Embrace every little thing you think is a flaw, and make it the superpower that your people want more of. Turn your shit into diamonds!!

✨Free yourself from the tyranny of being afraid of what people will think, not because you won’t ever feel afraid of it again, but because it won’t stop you from posting ever again

✨Have a safe environment where you can bring yourself and your full experience, and give and receive support from your fellow badass sisters without having to caretake

✨Lean into your self-trust and intuition, allowing your business to emerge through you, instead of desperately trying to shape it into whatever shape you think it needs to fit based on the countless hours of well-meaning marketing advice

✨Develop the right-for-you marketing strategies that feel like an extension of your own unique expression and enhance it instead of obscuring it

✨Undo eons of patriarchal male gaze conditioning that has pitted you against your emotions, your luscious body, and your sexual energy so you’re no longer afraid of showing your full radiant gorgeous self even on bloaty ‘bad hair' days

At a glance:

✨ 4 Live coaching calls x month

✨ 2 Embodiment practice calls x month

✨ My signature ‘Be an Asshole for an Hour’ workshop

✨ Weekly journal prompts

✨ Video modules

✨ Private FB group

✨ Curated playlists (and lots of dancing)

My clients say…

"Melody reminded me and helped me ground into and celebrate how fucking magical I am in all my non-conforming glory!!!

Here I am ready to be so much bigger, more visible, so much more weird, queer, creative, and wealthy!!!"

MaryAnn George, Sacred Galvanizer and Coach

My clients say…

"I accessed old traumas that I had forgotten about. I released stuck energy, resistance and fears. Fuck, it was so freeing!!

Melody holds space so beautifully. With calm strength and so much wisdom and softness."

Tonja Mills, Spiritual Coach

My clients say…

"Melody is truly a pro at what she does and has the ability to see things from an entirely fresh angle. I was floored by her understanding of deep emotions and the problems that manifest from them.

This has changed my internal voice. Highly highly recommend!"

Elizabeth J., Social Worker

You will not see another program like this because it does not exist.

Not one that will address your body image hang ups, slut shamey hangups, visibility hang ups, impostor syndrome, can I say that?? hang ups, and comparisonitis hang ups, and give you the nervous system know-how to ride the wild solopreneurship journey without falling off the horse, or take misaligned actions that come from a trauma response, and not who you truly are.

Not one where you will learn and practice embodied surrendered leadership, a style of leadership where we surrender to the group’s collective intelligence, actively step off the ‘expert’ pedestal, stay connected to our most true experience, and trust each individual’s ‘flawed’ human experience is not something to hide, but that it adds value, gives permission, and is of service to the group) is a central aspect of what you’ll learn and practice.

You will end this program with clarity around who you are as a leader and the unique energy transmission you’re offering, as well as with the nervous system and emotional regulation skills to show up with the consistency your business requires, but in a way that feels like an effortless flowing expression of you.




6 Payments:


10 Payments:


VIP Upgrade:

3 1:1 VIP sessions before or during the program

Add-on extra support for $500

Wanna talk about it or get a sense of my energy before committing?

Schedule a complimentary 45min call with me here. Zero pressure; my goal is to help you figure out if this program is right for you.

Not ready to commit yet, but want to stay in touch? Sign up for my mailing list here.

My clients say…

"Prior to working with Melody, I was so disconnected from my body. I did not take care of it, and it did not take care of me. I feel so fortunate to have experientially learned with her guidance that the body holds many of the keys to inner peace, whether for myself or my clients."

Abbi Klein, Psychotherapist

My clients say…

"I took with me a lot of tips and tools to better assess myself when I am in self-doubt. She is such an amazing teacher!"

Alexandria, Interior Designer and Airbnb Host

My clients say…

"It allowed me to make some really important realizations and breakthroughs. I recommend Melody if you want to get practical techniques for being the truer, freer, happier version of you."

Jennifer K., Software Developer


I started my solopreneur journey over 10 years ago as a self-love & body confidence coach (back then I had to explain what that meant!), and as a 3/6 Generator in Human Design, it took me forever to figure out how to build my business in a way that is sustainable and works for me.

I learned from every mistake, and what I am passionate about these days is ‘humanizing’ leadership; I deeply believe the world would be a much better place if we all stopped feeling like we need to pretend to have all our shit together, and put that energy towards lifting each other up instead of competing with one another.

Oh, I cuss and I get a kick out of embracing rawnchiness, so if that’s not something you can be/get ok with, I’m probably not for you,

Born in Buenos Aires, I consider myself a ‘3rd culture kid,’ and have lived in NYC, Paris, Thailand, and now Berlin. I adore immersing myself in new cultures, and love leading retreats around the world.


Who is this for?

For women-identifying entrepreneurial thought-leading humans who are the face of their business and want to grow their leadership and presence, online and off, in a way that is in integrity with their values, personality and unique authentic self-expression. They are interested in building their business in a healthy, sustainable, fun, and pleasurable way that keeps them from falling into self-sabotage and burnout, and unlocks the next level of personal and financial expansion.

Do you work with men?

Yes, I work with men 1:1, but this group program is geared towards women. If you’re a man and interested in working with me, please schedule a complimentary call here.

Do you offer 1:1 programs?

Yes, I do. If you would prefer to work with me on an individual basis, please schedule a complimentary call here.

When does the mastermind begin?

We start on Monday April 17.

When are the live calls?

Our first live call will be on Monday April 17, 2023 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET / 8 pm CET, with all other calls being on Mondays at the same time except for May 1st (we will gather on May 3rd instead). There will be a one-week break after every 8th weekly call. Our embodiment practice calls and other workshops will be scheduled according to availability throughout the program.

Why so long?

Because in my experience this work is better done slowly, uncovering each limiting belief, taking each step intentionally, and only when you’re ready. It makes no sense to move faster when it is not respectful of what your nervous system is capable of holding cuz you’ll just self-sabotage or burn out.

So let’s go at the pace you need to go, even if your mind is screaming at you to go faster.

Will I have to share things I’m not ready to share or don’t feel like sharing on social media?

Never. While I will invite you to get out of your comfort zone, I will never force you or pressure you to do anything that doesn’t feel right or safe for you. And I will teach you the tools to know the difference between something that’s a stretch out of your comfort zone vs something that is unsafe for you, so you can have your own compass to guide you in the future.

Is this a business coaching program? Will we also get coaching on strategy?

This is a program specifically for coaches, therapists, mindfulness teachers, creatives, service providers, and thought leaders to unleash their true expression in support of growing their business and lives. As such, we will use shadow work, resourcing techniques, embodiment practices, nervous system regulation tools, sounding, inner child work, parts work, circling, guided journeys, breathing techniques, mindset journaling, and lots of dancing to support you in this 6-month journey. In addition, we will get creative and come up with business and marketing strategies that feel in alignment with your own unique expression.

Are there scholarships for financial hardship?

Yes, there are full and partial scholarships available for those who are a resounding YES! to the program but are going through financial hardship. Please apply here.

I'm a BIWOC/trans/gender non-conforming human. Is this a safe space for me?

While I have done and continue to do work around anti-racism, diversity, equality, and inclusion, I am also aware that being a white-passing, cis, hetero, abled woman who grew up very privileged, I have ways of looking at the world and life experiences that mean I might say the wrong thing. If this happens, I'm always open to being called in and devoting my time and energy to handling it in a way that is honoring and supportive of your experience. My intention is to hold a safe space for all women.

I’m not sure. Can I talk to someone to figure out if this is for me?

Absolutely. Schedule a complimentary 45min call with me here.

What if I sign up and then change my mind?

No refunds, babe. But I believe in your capacity to make the right choices for you every step of the way.

Can you guarantee I will get all those yummy results?

I am amazing at what I do and I have a treasure-trove of experience, exercises, and techniques which I will share with you during our time together. That being said, I cannot guarantee any specific results because these will depend on individual situations and how much you put into this work. The testimonials I have shared are all from past clients who have shown up for themselves, did the work, and chose to express publicly how they were transformed by it.

I’m a last-minute bitch. When is the last day to sign up?

The early bird VIP bonus (3 1:1 sessions with me before or during the program) ends on March 20, 2023 at midnight ET, and cart closes on April 17, 2023 at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET / 6 pm CET.

More questions? Schedule a free 45min call and ask away!

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